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4 Tips for Selecting a Chiropractic Expert Witness

Objective reports from a credible chiropractic expert witness can help bolster your claims in court. You cannot have just any chiropractor serve as an expert witness, however. It is important to find someone with the right combination of experience and credentials to testify on the validity of your claims. Furthermore, you must seek someone without any conflicts of interest or scheduling issues.  Start by exploring these key areas to find the most effective witness to serve as an expert on your case.  

Ask About Experience

When you interview potential expert witnesses, inquire about their years in the chiropractic field and level of experience with key diagnoses and treatments. A solid working knowledge of anatomy and physiology is a must to speak on the conditions, terms and other facts required to prove your case. Explore each chiropractor’s underlying theories and approaches to find an expert who best aligns with your expectations.

Verify All Credentials

Your expert witness’s credibility depends on their credentials holding up to inspection. Make sure to do all your homework ahead of time to avoid compromising your case. You should verify your chiropractic expert witness’s degrees, certificates and other pertinent documents by checking with the issuing educational institution. Confirm the professional history information you recorded during the interview checks out before moving ahead in selecting your expert witness.

Check for Conflicts of Interest

Your chiropractic expert witness must be free of all conflicts of interest to prevent the disqualification of their statements. If a conflict exists, it could impede confidentiality, causing the court to dismiss the witness as a viable party. To prevent that situation, verify that your preferred chiropractic witness has not ever served as an expert for the opposing party nor worked for them in any capacity.  

Assess Availability

To play an important role in your case, your expert chiropractic witness must actually show up on the scheduled court dates. Before hiring your expert witness, check availability across the entire expected hearing schedule. If you are having trouble choosing between two experts, allow schedule availability to be the tiebreaker to ensure your selected witness can take the stand as required for your case needs.

Finding a Credible Chiropractic Expert Witness

When you put in the legwork, it is possible to find a credible chiropractic expert witness for your case. If you would like assistance in finding your perfect candidate, contact our team at Expedient Medicological Services by calling 855-855-0525. We will help you find an expert with the ability to create comprehensive reports and provide clear, accurate testimony on the stand.