Andrew M. Steiner

Andrew M. Steiner, MD is an accomplished medical professional and former active service member of the United States armed forces. With an Allopathic Medical Degree from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and extensive experience in orthopedic care, Dr. Steiner brings a certain knowledge and expertise to the table.

Just as patients rely on Andrew Steiner for orthopedic surgery and expertise, the forensic community has harnessed his savvy for independent medical evaluations. Dr. Steiner is a member of the team here at Expedient Medicolegal Services. He is one of our many Qualified Medical Evaluators that offer clients superior evaluations that are delivered in a timely and efficient fashion.

Andrew M. Steiner, MD and our medical evaluator team provides reports with extensive information, aimed at bringing your medicolegal process to a swift resolution.


Meet our highly select group of QMEs

When you turn to one of our QMEs like Andrew M. Steiner, MD, you will receive a product that is:

  • Professional: Steiner has a passion for working with patients that have suffered work related injuries, including reporting on them. This experience translates to his independent medical evaluations, where Dr. Steiner offers a knowledgeable look at the evidence.
  • Responsive: Many medicolegal scenarios can drag on for a long time. This is often seen in workers’ compensation or disability situations. When clients tap Andrew Steiner for orthopedic surgery expertise, they also work with our administrative team that keep the lines of communication wide open to bring efficiency to the process.
  • Unbiased: It’s important to create evaluations that are in line with labor codes and can serve as substantial evidence. Andrew Steiner and the Qualified Medical Evaluator team takes an unbiased approach to these evaluations.

Contact Expedient Medicolegal Services to learn more about the wide variety of services we offer. We have the best and brightest QMEs, like Andrew M. Steiner, MD, ready to bring knowledge and efficiency to your process.