Craig N. Teofilo

Craig N. Teofilo, Psy.D is a licensed and accomplished psychologist that carries extensive experience in the forensic arena. From working with private firm Sharper Future administering treatment and evaluations to joining the Sexually Violent Predator panel, Dr. Teofilo has extensive experience and knowledge.

He is also one of the highly skilled, dedicated Qualified Medical Evaluators on our team here at Expedient Medicolegal Services. Our clients rely on Craig N. Teofilo for psychology expertise and psychological evaluations.

After serving as an evaluator and expert witness in a variety of scenarios, Dr. Teofilo embodies the caliber of professionals that we have on our panel of QMEs.


About Craig N Teofilo Psy.D and our medical evaluator network

Working with Craig N. Teofilo, Psy.D or the rest of our QMEs helps bring knowledge and expertise to the situation. You will receive evaluations that are of the highest quality and thorough enough to eliminate any and all gray areas within your medicolegal situation.

While our clients rely on Craig N. Teofilo for psychology expertise, they also lean on our administrative staff to ensure that the evaluation process moves along efficiently and there are no snags to hold up the process. At Expedient Medicolegal Services, we take great pride in offering valuable, impartial and timely evaluations for our wide range of clients.


Join Expedient’s team

Craig Teofilo and the qualified medical evaluator network that we use is a prime example of the talented professionals we choose to associate with. This relationship is mutually beneficial, as we leverage our resources to bolster the name of our QMEs and provide the tools necessary to help them get more evaluations. Our support staff is superior to that of the competition.

For more information on Craig N. Teofilo, Psy.D, the rest of our QMEs or about joining our team, contact our office at 855-855-0525. We look forward to working with you.