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March 9, 2015
Rachyll Dempsey, Psy.D
March 9, 2015

Sharon Perlman Berry, Psy.D

Dr. Sharon Perlman Berry, Psy.D. is a licensed neuropsychologist practicing in Northern California. She earned her BA from Barnard College/Columbia University and her Psy.D. from John F. Kennedy University. Dr. Perlman Berry completed her pre-doctoral internship at UC Davis Medical Center in both neuropsychology and rehab psychology. She followed with a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship in forensic neuropsychology at San Francisco Clinical Neurosciences under the supervision of Dr. Ron Ruff. Her formal training in forensic neuropsychology consisted largely of personal injury cases involving mild traumatic brain injuries (concussions).

In addition to evaluating for forensic purposes, Dr. Perlman Berry has an active practice with a focus on both treatment and neuropsychological evaluations for clinical and educational purposes. In treatment, her emphasis has been on cognitive behavioral therapy and health psychology, treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression and PTSD. She is president of the Northern California Neuropsychological Forum (NCNF), a non-profit corporation that hosts seminars and conferences focused on advances in neuropsychological science and clinical practice. Her recent accomplishments include building a department that offers neuropsychological services in a primary care setting within a larger training program of integrated behavioral health care.

Dr. Perlman Berry’s has taught and presented at various Northern California Psychology training programs and Universities. She has a particular interest and has presented on the differential diagnostic process and on effort measures used in neuropsychological evaluations to distinguish between malingering and other reasons for a subpar performance.