Edwin Peng, M.D.
December 29, 2017
C. Sherin Singleton, Psy.D.
November 15, 2017

Mohammad Hanizavareh, M.D

Dr. Mohammad Hanizavareh, M.D., Q.M.E, is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist who began his work with Expedient Medicolegal Services in 2016. His interest in the intersection between Psychiatry and the Law began with his work in the Cuyahoga County Jail while in medical school and grew with his work in the Sacramento County Jail during his residency training. Since then, Dr. “Hani” has served throughout the state of California giving testimony in 1370, 2972, 1026, and various involuntary medication hearings. Dr. Hani is also a Qualified Medical Evaluator, meeting the needs of workers and employers by writing objective, fact-based analyses of work-place injuries and their sequelae.

A Southern-California native, Dr. Hani began his post-graduate education at California State University, Fullerton, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude, majoring in Biology with a minor in Biochemistry. He pursued his interest in research there, participating in grant writing, presentations at national conferences, and publishing his findings in Molecular Biology of the Cell. He went on to pursue a medical degree at Case Western Reserve University, which is consistently ranked as one of the top 25 medical schools in the country. In addition to his degree studies there, Dr. Hani was awarded a Crile Research Fellowship for his research, eventually publishing his findings in Psychopharmacology. He went on to complete his residency training in Psychiatry at the University of California, Davis.

Dr. Hani currently serves as a Senior Psychiatrist, Specialist, for Coalinga State Hospital. Prior to this, he spent many years working as a Staff Psychiatrist at Patton State Hospital. He is currently pursuing additional forensic proficiency training through courses provided by Dr. Charles L. Scott, former president of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law.