Dr. Andrew M. Steiner

With experienced professionals like Dr. Andrew M. Steiner, MD of California amongst our panel of Qualified Medical Evaluators, Expedient Medicolegal Services offers evaluations that are rooted in vast experience.

At Expedient Medicolegal Services, we have streamlined the evaluation process to help serve our broad range of clients better. From our highly skilled and experienced QMEs to the administrative staff that facilitates communication and collaboration, we ensure evaluations that are efficient, timely and impartial.


What you get from an evaluation by Dr. Andrew Steiner of California

Many patients have relied on Dr. Steiner for orthopedic surgery in California over his long and fruitful career. This extensive experience makes him a qualified and effective QME.

He is board certified in orthopedic surgery with the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, in addition to a long list of further experience:

  • Andrew M. Steiner, MD of California graduated with an Allopathic Medical Degree in 2003 from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He then completed a surgical internship and residency at SUNY Downstate Brooklyn.
  • He was a co-founder of the Orthopedic Trauma program at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines back in 2009 and also was the co-director.
  • As more and more patients relied on and valued Dr. Steiner for orthopedic surgery in California, he sparked a passion for workers’ compensation medicine after treating many patients for work-related injuries.
  • In 2014, Dr. Steiner looked to continue expanding his career by connecting with Expedient Medicolegal Services and getting involved as a QME.

Contact Dr. Andrew Steiner at 855-855-0525, or to talk to our team about the variety of experts we have on our team as QMEs. Medical evaluations in all different scenarios can be frustrating and hold up many legal processes. We are different.

With QMEs like Dr. Andrew M. Steiner, MD of California on our side, in addition to our helpful administrative staff, we bring efficiency and superior knowledge to your evaluation.