Dr. Mario San Bartolome Jr

Welcome to Expedient Medicolegal Services, where we want to introduce you to our extensive roster of skilled Qualified Medical Evaluators, including the likes of Dr. Mario San Bartolome Jr. MD.

At Expedient Medicolegal Services, we specialize in workers’ compensation, independent medical examinations and disability evaluations, although, we do work with a broad range of clients.

Dr. Mario San Bartolome has family addiction expertise, which proves to be an asset for a variety of our clients. His experience and passion for this line of work has showed up in his long list of achievements, qualifications and educational experiences.

  • Mario San Bartolome Jr. MD currently serves as the medical director of the Addiction Medicine Program at the MemorialCare Center for Mental Health and Wellness at Community Hospital Long Beach.
  • With a deep passion for providing education and raising awareness for substance-use disorders, he also operated Arete Health, which was his own outpatient medical practice for a variety of patients that rely Dr. Mario San Bartolome for family addiction needs.
  • While many have turned to Dr. San Bartolome for family addiction medicine expertise, his educational background consists of a Masters in business administration before receiving a medical degree from the University of California Irvine and serving his family medicine residency program at Long Beach Memorial.


Trust in the Expedient difference

Contact Dr. Mario San Bartolome Jr of California at 855-855-0525 and get more information from our team at Expedient Medicolegal Services. We have an entire network of qualified QMEs that will approach your evaluation with objectiveness and make sure that answers are provided for questions on both sides of the proceedings.

Dr. Mario San Bartolome Jr. MD and the rest of our QMEs are supported by a helpful administrative team that lends a certain level of efficiency and timeliness to your evaluation. Contact our staff and learn more.