Dr. Mark Wolkenhauer

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About Dr. Mark Walkenhauer of California

As a medical professional that routinely serves as an expert witness in cases involving sexually violent predators and mentally disordered offenders, Dr. Mark Wolkenhauer, Psy.D in California is a vastly experienced forensic psychologist.

His long list of qualifications and acknowledgments include:

  • Working for the Department of State Hospitals in California as a consulting psychologist
  • Serving on the Sexually Violent Predator panel and performing hundreds of SVP evaluations.
  • Serving on the boards for the California Psychological Association and the California Coalition on Sexual Offending.
  • Completing duties as the Chair of the Department of Psychology for Patton State Hospital, where he was instrumental in developing a sex offender treatment program.

Extensive education is another reason many clients rely on Dr. Wolkenhauer for psychology in California. He graduated from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo before earning a Masters of Divinity from the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley. Wolkenhauer earned his second Masters and doctorate in clinical psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology in Fresno.


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