Dr. Mathew J. Steiner

Founded by Dr. Mathew J. Steiner, MD, Expedient Medicolegal Services strives to be the most efficient and effective avenue for medical evaluations. Our clients range in demographic, but Expedient has a special emphasis on workers’ compensation, independent medical evaluations and disability evaluations.

To offer evaluations that are rooted in decades of experience and knowledge, Expedient has compiled the most talented pool of Qualified Medical Evaluators possible, all of whom have garnered a strong reputation among their industry peers. Dr. Steiner is a prime example. Many patients and fellow industry colleagues have relied on Dr. Steiner for psychiatry in California.

Dr. Steiner’s forensic background is extensive and he has recruited other doctors of the same pedigree to gather under the Expedient Medicolegal Services banner.

  • As a valued Qualified and Agreed Medical Evaluator, Dr. Mathew Steiner of California has already completed evaluations of hundreds of workers’ compensation claims.
  • He has remained very active in Orange, Los Angeles and San Obispo counties, where he has been called upon frequently as an expert witness or treating psychiatrist.
  • Dr. Mathew J. Steiner, MD graduated from Rutgers University and received his degree in medicine from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. After, he advanced to serve as the Chief Resident at the University of California Irvine during his Adult Psychiatry Residency.
  • Dr. Steiner has also made advances in telehealth services, helping to bring this sort of attention to underserved populations of Northern California.

Just as patients have relied on Dr. Steiner for psychiatry in California, our clients are able to leverage his level of knowledge and expertise to bring a certain depth and expertise to their medical evaluations.

You can reach Dr. Mathew Steiner at 855-855-0525, and talk to our administrative staff. They will walk you through the process and show you how we have brought efficiency to evaluations.

See what Dr. Mathew J. Steiner, MD has created here at Expedient Medicolegal Services. Count on our efficiency and expertise.