Dr. Richard J. Jordan

Richard 06proofAt Expedient Medicolegal Services, we employ a team of experts like Dr. Richard J. Jordan, Psy.D in California to provide a broad range of evaluation services. We proudly carry the word ‘expedient’ in our name, because that is what we offer our diverse range of clientele.

In scenarios where a legal evaluation is needed, a lot can go wrong to effect the efficiency of the proceedings. These can include a lack of:

  • Efficiency
  • Timeliness
  • Knowledge

This is why so many clients turn to Dr. Jordan for psychology in California — in addition to the rest of our staff — to make sure the process runs efficiently professionally and on time.


About Dr. Richard J. Jordan of California

Dr. Richard J. Jordan, Psy.D of California is an example of the highly knowledgeable Qualified Medical Evaluators we carry on our team. Clients of all varieties rely on Dr. Jordan for psychology expertise in California, and do so for good reason.

  • Jordan has a unique background that is centered on science and engineering, where he focused many of his efforts on addressing issues with air quality.
  • After running his own business for a decade, Dr. Jordan turned his sights to his other passion of psychology, where he received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the American Behavioral Studies Institute.
  • Jordan’s analytical strengths have made him one of the premier Qualified Medical Evaluators in the area. He has experience performing evaluations on adults and children for such organizations as San Diego County Child Welfare Services and for San Diego County Juvenile Probation.

You can utilize his qualified service by contacting Dr. Richard J. Jordan at 855-855-0525. There, you will get to speak with the wonderful and helpful support staff at Expedient Medicolegal Services.

Each of our Qualified Medical Evaluators are surrounded by a supreme administrative staff that proves to be a major asset for those who collaborate with us. Take advantage of a whole staff of doctors like Dr. Richard J. Jordan, Psy.D in California by choosing Expedient Medicolegal Services.