Dr. Sharon P. Berry

With Qualified Medical Evaluators like Dr. Sharon P. Berry, Psy.D in California on our team, Expedient Medicolegal Services is able to provide a superior level of medical evaluation services for a broad range of clients.

Through clear, timely and thorough evaluations and reporting, Expedient is able to provide information that facilitates settlements and reduces claim length. While our clients might rely on professionals like Dr. Berry for psychology in California, all of our QMEs are surrounded by skilled administrative staff, which facilitates seamless communication with those we collaborate with.


About Dr. Sharon P. Berry of California

After earning her BA from Barnard College/Columbia University and her Psy.D. from John F. Kennedy University, Dr. Berry currently works as a licensed neuropsychologist throughout the Northern California area, where she also routinely presents and teaches at area psychology programs, colleges and universities.

Dr. Sharon P. Berry, Psy.D of California is also the president of the Northern California Neuropsychological Forum in addition to managing her own practice that focuses on treatment and neuropsychological evaluations for clinical and educational purposes.


Working with Dr. Berry and our staff

Contact Dr. Sharon P. Berry at 855-855-0525 and speak to a member of our staff. Our team at Expedient Medicolegal Services knows how legal scenarios like workers’ compensation claims can drag on for a long time. Often, it can take years to settle, all the while costing you time, resources and money.

Working with the likes of such professionals as Dr. Berry for psychology in California brings the knowledge and experience to each evaluation and our administrative team ensures the information is communicated efficiently amongst collaborators.

We preach efficient, timely and impartial service. And, as a member of Expedient Medicolegal Services, this is what Dr. Sharon P. Berry, Psy.D of California and our staff can offer.