As an introduction to your inquiry into collaborating with Expedient, here are some FAQs answered by our Founder and Director, Dr. Steiner.

1Why should I consider joining Expedient?
As a full-service practice management group Expedient has the most knowledgeable and responsive mentorship and comprehensive administrative support available to new and established qualified medical evaluators.
2What is included in your comprehensive administrative support?
Expedient provides comprehensive and all-inclusive administrative support with no hidden costs. Some of our services include:
1. In-house record compilation by experienced professionals
2. Dedicated primary administrative support staff member for each practitioner
3. Secure live mobile access to your calendar and seamless integration and communication with the main office on the go
4. Professional transcription services
5. Cloud based HIPAA compliant practice model
6. “No-hassle” billing and collections ensuring you receive prompt payment
3Tell me about the mentorship and training program.
Expedient mentorship makes the difference, ensuring you not only meet, but exceed, your practice goals. Collaborating QMEs enjoy access to our customizable and proprietary mentorship and efficiency tools that address your needs on your terms. In addition to a comprehensive orientation to the field of QME practice we are available to answer any difficult questions you encounter accurately and clearly. Avoid the mistakes often made by other practitioners in the field and build your reputation on a solid foundation.
4What are my responsibilities?
You perform the evaluation and complete your report; Expedient does the rest.
5What does the startup process look like with Expedient?
We begin by meeting personally with each prospective physician to best understand their background, goals, skills, and needs. Expedient then works with each doctor to help them to choose locations that will suit their stated goals. Expedient performs professional, DWC compliant marketing on behalf of each doctor in their geographic regions of choice. We also pay your listing fees for the first year to reduce the burden of entering into your new practice area.
6What sets Expedient apart from other QME groups?
As a full-service practice management group, Expedient is dedicated to the primary goal of maintaining the quality and consistency of its services. By adhering to our core principles of impartiality, objectivity and professionalism, we build the reputation of not only the group but each individual QME who chooses to collaborate with Expedient. In addition, rather than simply plugging a QME into a preconceived administrative model, we design a suite of administrative and mentorship options to meet the needs of the individual practitioner joining our team. The goal is to provide each new collaborating practitioner control over the growth of their forensic practice without any burden of administrative oversight.
7How do I know I’m joining the right group?
At Expedient, our philosophy is that you should speak directly with our collaborating QMEs to determine the quality and consistency of the services and whether a collaboration with Expedient is the right fit for you.
8What about compensation and do you have a referral bonus?
In addition to highly competitive “all-inclusive” compensation with no hidden fees, we have the most generous and timely referral bonus program in the industry. Expedient closes the gap between promises and reality; just ask our QMEs.