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June 22, 2018
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July 13, 2018
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Malingering or Somatic Disorder? Finding the Truth  

As a medical professional, you may have patients who symptoms blur the lines between malingering, somatic and mental disorders. In many cases, conditions that patients suffer fluctuate between these categories. If you do not have enough time to narrow down the possibilities, you may not be able to determine the exact cause of many conditions in your patients.

This does not mean that your practice should suffer. Medicine is far from a precise art. If you are being punished because of a patient condition that is not your fault, you may need legal backup.

The Art of the Medicolegal

The legal profession is an art form in many of the same ways as the medical profession. Translating standards and conditions from the medical world into a legal framework is something that takes experience and passion. If your practice is under fire, then you need a legal partner that understands exactly what you are going through. Only a legal professional that understands the true nature of professional services will be able to help you.

Partnering with True Partners

your legal partners choose to defend you in a situation involving the law, it is your reputation ultimately on the line. Your legal partners must take the same perspective as you have in this situation. This is the only way that your case can be brought properly before a court, especially if the conditions that are causing the case are esoteric.

Your legal partner must be able to translate your industry into layman’s terms. However, this must be done in a professional way in order to present your best case. When it comes to this delicate balance, the dedicated experts at Expedient Medicolegal Services are the ones that you can trust. Give us a call or an email today so that we can help defend your practice in conditions that do not present themselves in black and white.