Mario San Bartolome Jr

With extensive experience in family addiction medicine, Mario San Bartolome Jr., MD brings knowledge and expertise to our network of Qualified Medical Evaluators here at Expedient Medicolegal Services.

Founded by Dr. Matthew Steiner, Expedient Medicolegal Services places an emphasis on providing evaluations that are consistently comprehensive, impartial and accurate. Clients rely on Mario San Bartolome Jr. for family addiction medicine expertise. Like the rest of our QMEs, Dr. San Bartolome brings a lot of experience to the table.

  • San Bartolome serves as the medical director of the Addiction Medicine Program at the MemorialCare Center for Mental Health and Wellness at Community Hospital Long Beach.
  • He also operates a practice called Arete Health, an outpatient medical practice for a variety of patients that rely Dr. Mario San Bartolome Jr. for family addiction medicine needs.
  • The educational background of Mario San Bartolome Jr., MD is also extensive, consisting of a Masters in business administration before receiving a medical degree from the University of California Irvine. He served his family medicine residency program at Long Beach Memorial.

Working with Mario San Bartolome Jr., MD and our medical evaluator network means this extensive experience is not only put to use creating strong evaluations that target a resolution in your case, but the process is moved along efficiently by our administrative staff.

This team is an integral part for Mario San Bartolome Jr. and our Qualified Medical Evaluator staff, fielding and responding to disputes and other concerns quickly.

Expedient Medicolegal Services is changing the game for independent medical evaluations. In a space where efficiency is unheard of, staff members like Mario San Bartolome Jr., MD and the rest of our team strive to save you time and money. Consult with our team right now.