Mark Wolkenhauer

For the experience and knowledge of medical professionals like Mark Wolkenhauer, Psy.D, turn to Expedient Medicolegal Services. Here, we specialize in a variety of independent medical evaluation services, focusing on workers’ compensation, disability evaluations and independent medical examinations.

Many clients, patients and colleagues have immense respect for Mark Wolkenhauer and his psychology expertise. Dr. Wolkenhauer is a forensic psychologist with extensive experience in treating and evaluating sexual offenders and individuals with severe mental illness.

With two Masters degrees and a doctorate in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in Fresno, Dr. Wolkenhauer is a qualified medical evaluator that is also heavily involved with a number of organizations, including the California Psychological Association and the California Coalition on Sexual Offending.


Quality evaluations delivered quickly and efficiently

By turning to Mark Wolkenhauer as your medical evaluator — in addition to the team at Expedient Medicolegal — you are ensuring high-quality reports that are delivered in a timely fashion.

  • Thorough: These reports from Mark Wolkenhauer, Psy.D and the rest of our QMEs are complete, taking into account questions from both sides, special case factors, labor codes and more. The evaluator provides a full review and commentary.
  • Timely: Medical-legal evaluations and the processes that surround them can drag on for a long time, costing everyone involved. Our administrative staff works hard to ensure that these evaluations are delivered quickly and efficiently.
  • Impartial: Many individuals have relied on Mark Wolkenhauer for psychology expertise and opinions because he is not only vastly knowledgeable, but also very professional, holding close to the ethical code. Dr. Wolkenhauer brings professionalism and impartialness to the process.

Expedient is always adding to our pool of skilled QMEs. We are adding talented medical professionals who are interested in earning more evaluations and bolstering their exposure and reputation as a whole.

Whether you require some form of independent medical evaluation from QMEs like Mark Wolkenhauer, Psy.D or are interested in joining Expedient’s