Mathew J. Steiner

Here at Expedient Medicolegal Services, Mathew J. Steiner, MD had a vision of providing a broad range of clients with access to quick, high-quality independent medical evaluations.

As the founder of Expedient and an accomplished medical professional in his own right, Dr. Steiner has succeeded in bringing together an expert staff of Qualified Medical Evaluators and the all-star administrative staff to support them.

A wide range of clients rely on Mathew Steiner for psychiatry expertise. He, like all of our QMEs, bring the following to the evaluation process:

  • Timeliness: So often, legal proceedings involving things like workers’ compensation or disability can drag on for potentially years. All the while, everyone involved with the proceedings is left hanging. ‘Expedient’ is in our name for a reason. Mathew J. Steiner, MD and the medical evaluator staff here helps provide evaluations quickly.
  • Impartial: Mathew Steiner and our Qualified Medical Evaluator staff are consummate professionals, approaching each evaluation with objectivity and the desire to provide accurate, forthright information and assessments.
  • Efficient: If an evaluation does not answer crucial questions, the process starts all over again. Mathew J. Steiner, MD and his team provide thorough reports that address all questions and also comply with special case factors and labor codes. With a complete review and commentary, a thorough level of testing, this reports will satisfied the needs of any case or situation.

Mathew Steiner and his psychiatry expertise serves as a true asset for a wide range of medicolegal needs — from workers’ compensation evaluations and fitness for duty evaluations to independent medical examinations, all of which Expedient specializes in.

Mathew J. Steiner, MD wanted to create a resource that would help our clients reach a rapid resolution. Take advantage of the knowledge, experience and organization on our team by contacting Expedient for your medicolegal needs.