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September 19, 2018
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Medicolegal Experts | The Practical and Legal Importance

In cases where medical necessity intersects with the legal system, medicolegal experts offer the best qualifications to clarify the issue and help the court arrive at a fair and reasonable solution. These experts bridge the gap between two very distinct professions – offering medical expertise based on their own specialty and examination as well as concise reporting that satisfies the exact legal requirements for each case.


What Do Medicolegal Experts Do?


There are a number of different ways that a medical legal expert can be of help in a court case.


  • Disability Cases. A medicolegal expert can provide independent medical examinations for disability cases. They provide concise reporting and thoroughly evaluate the patient so that the court can make an impartial decision based on medical evidence.
  • Worker’s Compensation Cases. A medical legal expert can provide clear medical evidence to help reach fair amenable agreement in the case of an injury in the workplace.
  • Expert Witness Testimony. In criminal and civil cases, a medical legal expert can provide testimony on their area of medical expertise, as well as testimony to reinforce reports from their own independent medical examination of the patient.
  • Diagnostic Testing. In cases that call for an independent medical examination, a medicolegal expert can provide diagnostic testing to help render an accurate diagnosis, as well as offering reporting and testimony to explain the results in plain language for an audience of jurors.


Benefits for the Defense and State


A medical legal expert is board certified and brings an extensive background in their field of expertise. They are well versed in creating the type of reports necessary for legal proceedings, which can differ significantly from the type of written documentation they may use exclusively in the medical field. They offer an expertise in translating the intricate details of their medical knowledge into an easy to understand language that can help the court reach a fair and impartial decision about cases ranging from compensation to criminal law.


Medical legal experts allow for a fair and unbiased outcome and can help both sides reach a settlement without a lengthy, drawn out process.