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August 1, 2018
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August 15, 2018
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When Medical Opinions Matter for Both Legal and Employment Issues

Medical experts often give testimony in cases involving alleged medical malpractice. However, these professionals can also provide opinions related to employment issues, such as an individual’s ability to return to work or whether a specific injury or illness was a result of the individual’s employment. Hiring the right medical expert is always important. However, in cases where a medical expert is needed for both legal and employment purposes, it becomes even more crucial to hire the right person. 

The Importance of Having the Right Medical Expert

Medical experts provide testimony that has the power to alter the outcome of a legal case. Because the stakes are so high in these cases, having the right medical expert is essential. In addition, cases involving employment issues also require the careful consideration and expertise only a qualified medical expert can provide. 

Choosing a Medical Expert 

When comparing different medical experts for legal and employment purposes, consider the following issues: 

  • Training – Some medical experts may not be trained to handle both legal cases and employment issues, as these two situations require a different approach. Make sure the expert you choose is knowledgeable about both types of issues. 
  • Availability – It is important to choose a medical expert who can be available when you need him or her, especially if you need the expert for more than one purpose. 
  • Reputation – One of the most important issues to consider when hiring a medical expert is the expert’s reputation. To learn about the expert’s reputation, research online and/or talk to others who have used the expert’s services. 

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