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Efficient Timely Impartial

Find Your Resolution.


Expedient Medicolegal Services provides expert medical opinions to a diversity of clients, with an emphasis in the areas of workers’ compensation, independent medical examinations, and disability evaluations. As a highly select group of Board Certified Qualified Medical Evaluators, Expedient experts deliver comprehensive and conclusive resolutions.



As a full service administrative management group, Expedient ensures that each of our experts has the resources needed to provide comprehensive, impartial, and common-sense resolution in the most efficient manner possible. Our efficiency practices bring a new level of competence that is appreciated by all those who collaborate with Expedient.



Expedient physicians are routinely selected as Qualified, Agreed, and Independent Third Party Medical Evaluators due to their consistent ability to provide clear, timely, and thorough reporting based upon reasonable medical probabilities. Our experts always include an appropriate level of relevant testing, provide a complete review and commentary on all objective records received, address any special case factors or labor codes that apply, and specifically address all questions raised by both parties. By consistently adhering to these practices while providing substantial medical evidence, our experts facilitate settlement and reduce claim length.

In addition to our team of experienced QMEs (Qualified Medical Evaluators), our responsive, friendly, and well trained administrative staff schedule prompt appointments, facilitate transfer of case records, confirm appointments, and provide attendance confirmation and initial case findings when requested.


As a full-service practice management group, Expedient has the most knowledgeable and responsive mentorship and comprehensive administrative support available to new and established qualified medical evaluators.

  • “If you would like to explore a place that is designed to nourish and enhance your career, my suggestion is that you take just one next step and have a conversation with someone from Expedient.”
    Dr. Richard Jordan Psy.D., Q.M.E.

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