Carlos Rodriguez

If experience, expertise and efficiency is important to your medical-legal situation, then Carlos Rodriguez, MD and the team at Expedient Medicolegal Services can serve as an asset for you.

Every day, the staff at Expedient offers their expert medical opinions to a wide range of clients, specializing in workers’ compensation claims, disability evaluations and independent medical evaluations.

Our clients rely on Carlos Rodriguez for psychiatry expertise, in addition to a number of other Qualified Medical Evaluators on our team. Dr. Rodriguez carries vast experience working in a variety of settings. He was worked with:

  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults

For five years, Dr. Rodriguez treated this wide demographic of people in a outpatient community mental health clinic. During his tenure at Atascadero State Hospital, Dr. Rodriguez honed his skills writing reports, reviewing forensic records and interviewing patients. He has served as an expert witness in a number of area counties, which is experience he brings to his efforts as a Qualified Medical Evaluator.


Working with Carlos Rodriguez, MD and our medical evaluator staff

At Expedient, we are always growing our network of QMEs like Carlos Rodriguez, MD. These are individuals that are capable of producing thorough reports that serve as substantial evidence in a forensic setting.

Our goal is to offer our clients unbiased, professional information that can help expedite the process and bring your process to a resolution. Carlos Rodriguez and our Qualified Medical Evaluator team are supported by an administrative team that is simply second to none.

These professionals ensure that you get a response when you need one and that the process moves along smoothly with no major setbacks. When you rely on Carlos Rodriguez for psychiatry expertise, you can trust you will receive a quality evaluation quickly.


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We invite you to learn more about Carlos Rodriguez, MD, the rest of our QMEs and our operation as a whole. We feel we can serve you as a valuable asset.