Rachyll Dempsey

Welcome to Expedient Medicolegal Services, where we want to introduce you to forensic neuropsychologist Rachyll Dempsey, Psy.D and all the other experienced and knowledgeable doctors in our network of Qualified Medical Evaluators.

Clients of all kind rely on Rachyll Dempsey for psychology expertise, whether it’s as a Qualified or Agreed Medical Evaluator. Dr. Dempsey has dedicated much of her 10-plus-year career building her specialty in psychological and neuropsychological testing and assessment.

With experience working for California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, San Quentin; the HOPE Program – Hayward; and for various colleges and universities, Rachyll Dempsey is a Qualified Medical Evaluator that brings a deep breadth of knowledge and expertise to each evaluation.


High quality evaluations delivered quickly

While Rachyll Dempsey, Psy.D and the rest of our QMEs are the reason we are able to offer medical evaluations to many different clients, the rest of our staff makes sure that these insightful, thorough evaluations are delivered in a timely manner. After all, Expedient Medicolegal Services takes great pride in offering efficient, timely and impartial evaluations to the clients that we serve.

Our administrative staff is ultra-responsive and ensures that the process will move along efficiently. All too many times — namely in workers’ compensation or disability evaluation settings — the process stalls out, leaving clients to suffer and waste their time and money.

Rachyll Dempsey and the medical evaluator staff at Expedient works with our administrative team to ensure that everyone collaborating on the process is in the know and has what they need. After all, what good is quality information and insight if it’s not delivered efficiently?


Rely on Rachyll Dempsey for psychology expertise

From workers’ compensation claims to disability evaluations or expert witness services, Expedient Medicolegal Services has been serving as an asset for the forensic community since we opened for business. Work with bright QMEs like Rachyll Dempsey, Psy.D by contacting our staff.